How soon can I swim after you treat my pool?  We recommend waiting one hour before swimming?

Can I use your services for a couple of months or do you require a contract? We do not have contracts, we offer month to month pool service.

Is filter cleaning and vacuuming included in your service for $69 per month? Yes it is, we clean the filter every 4 weeks and vacuum every visit. 

How will I know that you have serviced my pool? We utilize a state of the art tracking system that records the GPS of our service tech and sends notification when service is completed.

Is chlorine safe for swimming pools? Yes. Chlorine sanitizers are safe when used according to package directions approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 

What method of payment do you accept? We accept checks, and all major credit cards for your convenience.

Just want to confirm we can text message your 855 number? Yes you can, we welcome text messages.